About me

Well, all I can say at this juncture, that I did not choose Digital Marketing, rather it chose me! That’s the story about me in a nutshell

My career story has been average but exciting! An Engineer with an MBA degree, I have been a part of 7 organizations to date. I am sure that I will be a part of many more until the day I hang my boots. I have the passion to keep working till the day I breathe my last.

Every day of my life I just want to make a difference! Hence I think differently! I do things differently! I have seen the Internet Revolution happen in front of me. From dial-up to broadband, then wireless – I have seen it all.

That’s why I believe that we are all destined for something great! The key to success is the ability to adapt.

Highlights about me and my story

I can organize and manage successful events. That’s what I have done when I was part of the Events team of national associations of Machine tools and IT Hardware industry.

File photo of me organizing events in large industry association
My hey-days in a large industry body managing key events for them (Image courtesy : IMTMA)

My story has seen me be a part of Bangalore’s manufacturing industry for a very long time. Furthermore, my stint with national bodies has exposed me to the senior management and key decision-makers.

One of my best job assignments has seen me work with Bharat Fritz Werner. It is the third-largest machine tool manufacturer in India. During my stint there, I was exposed to several functions. This gave me a clear idea of how an organization operates.

This brings me back to why Digital Marketing is so important for demand generation! Especially in these challenging times during and post COVID 19.

Enterprises across the spectrum should wake-up to the fact that Digital Marketing is a reality. They should put in place their plans pertaining to it. And the best part of Digital Marketing is that it can blend in!

I have started a website about customer engagement best practices. Part of the Digital Marketing Team of KVP Business Solutions, I have the perfect opportunity for implementing Digital Marketing best practices here.

Due to my stint in this organization, I am fully conversant with Salesforce Pardot. It is a full-featured marketing automation software, that can be backed-up by analytics and insights.

My future goals : how my story would shape up

I believe that my future will be closely tied-up with Digital Marketing. I would like to implement the concept of ‘Integrated Digital Marketing’ personally. I would like to translate its learning to ‘business models’ that enterprises particularly SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) can leverage from. I have already made a small beginning here.

I would like to earn an audience that believes in me. And I believe that I would build share-worthy materials that would make learning interesting.

I also believe in the concept of giving back to the community. As a socially responsible individual, I would like to make small but noteworthy contributions along the way.

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