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What are the best drawing tablet software available: A Beginner’s Guide

The knowledge and the use of the best drawing tablet software are key to keep your enterprise competitive, through innovation.

Imagine a world without INNOVATION ​ : ​Without innovation, there isn’t anything new. Without anything new, there will be no progress. An organization without progress cannot stay relevant in the competitive market.

The world is evolving and it needs better products and capabilities to evolve. Advanced product innovations are key to audience engagement. The perceived value of the experience of these engagements defines your product’s success or failures.

“​The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible
– Arthur C. Clarke

In this context, digital technologies like ​digital art programs for creatives​, are the major means to bridge the gap between expectations and reality. Thus they strengthen product innovation.

Introduction to Digital Art

“​Digital design is like painting, except for the paint never dries.” – Neville Brody

As part of the ​digital art eco-system​, Apple, Wacom, Huion FiftyThree, and others have been steadfast in designing and building innovative hardware. They have also collaborated on the ​best pen-friendly apps​, to enhance the performance and speed of digital art. In addition, these hardwares and apps leverage the latest technology advances in closing the ‘design gaps’. Above all, these will offer undeniable benefits in accessibility, efficiency, and artistry.

When you think about digital art, you probably think of animating the graphics for a video game. But there is a lot more to digital art, than just game designing. From medicine to law, digital artists have a hand in shaping almost every industry out there. Above all, career opportunities in digital art have been both rewarding and challenging.

With digital art, anything is possible. It does not matter if you are a novice or a digital pro. Just master your art and you can create anything you imagine. All you need to get started is a drawing tablet and its amazing software.

What are drawing tablets and their software?

Drawing tablets are gadgets that empower users to hand-draw pictures, sketches, and designs, with a unique pen-like pointer. These devices have simplified the creative process of artists, architects, and various other professionals. Above all, it has encouraged them to look at ‘out-of-box’ designs with improved features and contours.

However, equipping yourself with the best drawing tablets won’t be sufficient to bring out your ​most creative and innovative ​ self. You would also require the ​best drawing art software​ to help you make the most out of these devices.

Why do you need awareness of the best drawing tablet software in India and abroad?

As a budding digital artist, you have to be aware of the available drawing software. In other words, you should have a definite idea of the likely outcomes from their utilization. In addition, it is particularly important to understand software that supplements or complements one another. This ensures that end-results you achieve, are ‘outstanding’.

Understanding of the software is crucial to help you scale-up or drill-down your designs. In addition, the selection of the drawing software is often dependent on applications and use-cases of your particular industry.

Therefore, the typical drawing tablet software industry can be segregated into:-

  1. Vector-graphics software
  2. Open-source drawing software
  3. Full-featured drawing software
  4. Pixel art software
  5. Animation software
Image of one of the best vector design software
Image of Affinity Designer – one of the best vector design software (Source: Digital Arts from IDG)

Best vector graphics software

Vector graphics software permits you to design and modify digital images utilizing geometric and numerical commands. These are often different from clicks and strokes employed in typical sketching software.

Among the​ best vector graphics software ​available for artists and designers are Illustrator, Sketch, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Lunacy, Vecteezy Editor, DrawPad, DesignEvo, and Xara Xtreme.

Make, model, collaborate and transform your ideas into irresistible concepts and products. In addition, you gain the assured capability of scaling-up your designs, as and when required.

Image of one of the best  drawing tablet software in the open-source category
Image of KRITA – one of the best open-source drawing tablet software for budding artists (Source: David Revoy)

Best open-source drawing software

Open-source software gives you a cost-effective way to get started as a digital artist. Above all, they provide a realistic simulation of watercolors, oils, pastels, charcoal colors, and more.

Some of the​ best open-source drawing software​ are Krita, Artweaver Free, Paint.Net, Mypaint, Microsoft Fresh Paint, GIMP, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint, Microsoft Paint 3D, PixBuilder Studio, Gravit and MediBang Paint Pro.

Image of one of the best full-feature painting software
Image of Autodesk Sketchbook – one of the best full feature painting software (Source: Parblo)

Best full-featured painting software

Full-featured painting software enables you to transfer raster images onto the vector surface. In addition, you are able to aesthetically transform these images at pixel-level into smoother and more ‘visually appealing‘ curves and circles.

Most full-featured painting software has precise control over curves, brush stabilization options, advanced blend modes, and high zoom levels (​one million+ percent). Some of the ​best full-featured painting software​ is Clip Studio Paint Pro, Rebelle 3, ParticleShop. Autodesk Maya, Autodesk SketchBook. ArtRage 5, Mental Canvas, Black Ink, and Affinity Designer.

Since they are primarily aimed at professional artists, the vast majority of graphics processing programs are quite complicated. In addition, they often come with hundreds of features, customizable interfaces, and multi-level nested menus.

Image of one of the best pixel-art  software that remains a popular choice in 2D gaming
Image of Sprite – a low-cost Pixel art-software (source: Sparckman Youtube channel)

Best pixel-art software

Pixel art is a digital art form where color is applied to individual pixels to create an image. Pixel art has long been used in the gaming industry to create models or “sprites”. These sprites are key components in a particular video game’s art. Above all, pixel art is an excellent choice for small game developers, who are looking to keep development costs low.

Most of these development companies are quite small. In addition, these cannot absorb delays and unexpected costs like a larger game studio. Therefore, the market for pixel-art designers will continue to grow.

Some of the ​best pixel-art software​ available on a free or paid-basis for artists and designers are Pixlr, GrafX2, GIMP, PyxleOS, LunaPic, GraphicsGale,, and Make Pixel Art.

Image of Blender – one the best ‘free‘ software for 3D animation

Best animation software

Animation software allows for the creation of motion on a frame-by-frame basis. Each frame is the equivalent of a single drawing or image. The frames are often created within the software, although most animation software allows frames to be brought in from external sources.

Some of the leading job prospects in the animation industry are that of ​3D Modeler, a Flash ​Animator​, a Stop Motion ​Animator. In addition, there are additional opportunities to work as a Film and Video Editor, and a Video Game Designer.

Some of the​ best animation software​ for use in ​drawing tablets​ are ​Autodesk Maya, Adobe Animate, 3ds Max Design, ​Cinema 4D​, Vyond, ​Blender​, Adobe Edge Animate, and KeyShot.

Next steps on learning graphic design software

The ​Digital Art and Design industry​ are gradually growing in importance with the renewed emphasis on product innovation globally. In addition, it offers great job opportunities against the backdrop of the global recession caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

In conclusion, it is fairly easy for you to take advantage of these opportunities. All you would need to begin with, is a drawing tablet and a mix of drawing software to leverage from.

To begin with, you can choose to build your skillsets by joining a few professional courses. Alternatively, you could learn the mix of these multiple digital tablet software​ on your own. The choice rests entirely in your hands to make that perfect career move ​ from uncertainty to a promising career ahead!

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