Banja Picasso: Your guide to drawing tablets, accessories and software

Remember those days back then, when you were a child and you learnt to draw. You would spend endless day sketching, and fidgeting with your pencil to get that perfect drawing. Once it came perfect, you would be proud to show it first to your parents and teachers, and then to all and sundry.

Then you learnt to paint, and your joys were enhanced.

And then you grew up – and then the endless hours of sketching and painting felt ‘childish’. Those simple moments of ‘pure joy‘ were soon relegated to a thing of the past.

Picasso on the need of keeping the artist alive within you (Image courtesy : Goalcast)

Technology has given you the chance to relive your old days. Just enjoy sketching and painting on high-end drawing tablets, or get started on beginners’ tablets.

Get the same thrill of a paint-brush with a custom stylus.

Learn the best drawing software out there to carve out an interesting career in digital art, design, and animation. These career options are both exciting and rewarding.

Banja Picasso will help you discover the artist in you. Once your artist is alive and kicking, it will highlight all the opportunities to monetize this skill.

Just think about us as your partner in digital art! The best is about to begin!